House Music Lives!

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The Collective Minds Festival is community funded through donations and fundraising.

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Thank you very much for donating in the interest of keeping House Music Alive. Your donations are greatly appreciated and will go towards making our 10th Annual Festival better than ever! 

 It cost a great deal of money to host this event and we need your support and donations to help cover the many expenses. 

Here are some of the things that have to be paid for: Park Permit, Stages, Generators, Trash Removal, Porta-Potties, and the greatest expense is the amazing Sound System

None of Collective Minds Board Members, Members, Supporters nor DJs receive any payment for their services. All of the money is used to cover the annual expenses, promotion, and costs to host fundraisers. 

Use the Donation Button on the left or feel free to download the form and collect pledges for us from your job, club, friends, family, organizations. Every dollar helps and supporters will be recognized at the festival and here on this site for their generosity. Here are a few thing we are in need of: Tables and chairs (Kids' area for arts and crafts) Crafts and Games for girls and boys (all ages) Porta-Potties Caution Tape Water for the DJs and Volunteers Signs for park (arrows pointing in various directions, no will be towed, vendors, dj stage, cultural arts stage, Collective Minds Festival, porta-pottys, etc.)

Visit the Contact Us page for more information.


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